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Traditional locking plates use a threaded screw-plate locking system. FIXIN screws have a 2° conical head which locks into a corresponding 2° tapered cone in the bushings, which are pre-assembled on the plate. This coupling eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw and plate and ensures a simple operative technique. It also permits easy removal of the screws, whether because they have been placed incorrectly intra- operatively, or for later removal of the plate. It is an extremely stable coupling, which effectively transfers loads through the structure and reduces the risk of screws backing out or plate breakage.


At Intrauma, we are proudly committed to the MADE in ITALY product standards. With more than 15 years of production and quality control of the FIXIN™ patented conical locking mechanism, only Intrauma can guarantee to deliver a safe and reliable FIXIN™ conical locking mechanism. This has been proven by our experience and publications on human and veterinary journals: Injury; V.C.O.T.; VetSurg. WE PLEDGE - YOU DESERVE THE BEST QUALITY STANDARDS AND PEACE OF MIND.


  • We are committed to proudly maintaining Italian products & quality standards
  • Intrauma production plants have been located in Rivoli-Italy since 2002
  • In a world where outsourcing is growing trend,in December 2015 Intrauma invested over $1m in production and quality control machines
  • We have invested in creating new job opportunities for our country, community, and to confirm the origin of production is Made in Italy


  • Intrauma exports its Italian quality products, its vision and business approach.
  • In 2011 we opened Intrauma America LLC in Hoboken, New Jersey
  • We just celebrated our 5th anniversary in The United States
  • We are investing, expanding, and growing job opportunities to create a larger structure in The United States
  • Intrauma America LLC is rapidly expanding in The United States & Canada and will soon finalize FDA approval to introduce the human product line


  • All implants and products are designed in-house by our engineers
  • We use rapid prototyping for quick hands-on ideas to determine the right steps


  • After the drawing and prototypation phase, we convert the designs into production; and find the right steps to start product flow, balancing speed and quality
  • All raw materials are purchased and crafted by Intrauma to guarantee and maintain the quality of all products


  • Intrauma obtained ISO 13485:2003 for the quality of its production system, design, and sale of his medical devices
  • Our internal procedures are very strict and standards are very demanding; the same standards are applied to our veterinary range of products
  • The quality control is done in-house with more than 15 years of expertise in production and quality controls
  • We inspect each single screw, bushing, and plate to make sure that the FIXIN™ conical coupling is reliable


  • Intrauma won many European Union R&D grants, cooperates with several Public and Private Research Institutes worldwide and is a founding partner of the Italian Biomedical Cluster “BioPMed”
  • Intrauma focus in research & development, new technologies, innovative projects, and continuing education
  • Intrauma is committed to ongoing research and development of both materials and manufacturing processes, in collaboration with experienced veterinary orthopedic surgeons, to provide the highest quality implants and to simplify today’s approach to veterinary orthopedics

Intrauma will NOT guarantee FIXIN™ system compatability and reliability in combination with non-original Intrauma components. We discourage coupling non-original Intrauma components with Intrauma products.


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