PFF - prossimal Femour Fracture


The PFF Modular Hook for treating proximal fractures of the femur provides the usual excellent stability of O’nil locking plates, but with the additional option of securing the Greater Trochanter using a modular Greater Trochanter hook.

The patented conical screw locking system creates a stable system in osteoporotic bones, when screw security can be compromised. In this system the screws act like an external fixator, rather than compressing the plate onto the bone. This important feature of O’nil locking plates helps to preserve periosteal vascularity.

The two proximal 7mm screws diverge by 6° to facilitate placement and to follow the anteversion of the femoral neck, ensuring excellent fixation in the trochanteric region. The modular Greater Trochanter hook allows excellent reduction and security of the tip of the Greater Trochanter.

The anatomical profile of the plate encourages complete reduction of the metaphyses to the diaphyses and facilitates restoration of the anatomical neck angle.


  • The two auto-locking proximal screws provide excellent stability, regardless of the bone quality
  • The 6° angle between the two proximal screws provides a wider angle of support
  • The patented locking screw system is easy to use and eliminates the risk of cross-threading between the head of the screw and the plate
  • Screws can be easily removed or replaced if required
  • The plate is available in 3 lengths, right and left
  • The locking system allows bicortical fixation
  • Simple instruments for reduced surgical times
  • Plates made of steel AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1, to allow MRI


The PFF modular hook plate is indicated for proximal fractures of the femur including:

  • Fractures of the trochanteric region, cervico-trochanteric, trochanteric-diaphyseal, multifragmented, per-trochanteric, intertrochanteric, inverted intertrochanteric or transverse fractures, or supplementary fractures of the medial cortex
  • Fractures of the proximal extremity of the femur combined with ipsilateral diaphyseal fractures
  • Fractures with presence of metastases in the proximal femur
  • Osteotomies of the proximal femur
  • Fixation of fractures in porotic bone and fixation of non-consolidated fractures or consolidation defects
SupportRefL. mmHoles
PFF Proximal femur (L) short 155.2001 123 3+3
PFF Proximal femur (R) short 155.2002 123 3+3
PFF Proximal femur (L) medium 155.2003 173 3+5
PFF Proximal femur (R) medium 155.2004 173 3+5
PFF Proximal femur (L) long 155.2005 223 3+7
PFF Proximal femur (R) long 155.2006 223 3+7
PFF Proximal femur (L) extra-long 155.2005 299 3+10
PFF Proximal femur (R) extra-long 155.2006 299 3+10
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 7,0mm 60mm to 120mm
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 5,0mm 12mm to 110mm
Instruments tray Series 5/PFF SET50/PFF


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