Pertrochanteric fractures of proximal femur are common traumas and internal fixation using a tube-plate with dynamic or intramedullary screw is a standard recognized treatment. A recent analysis showed that the success in treating this type of fracture with a tube-plate is statistically superior to treatment with an intramedullary nail.

The result of the fixation of the pertrochanteric fracture depends on the positioning of the cephalic screw and the most common mode of failure of this fixation is the cut-out of it from the femur head.

Intrauma has developed Anteversa, an innovative system for the treatment of pertrochanteric fractures.

The Anteversa tube for the cephalic screw is provided with 8° of anteversion, through which the plate can easily be positioned on the lateral and central part of the femoral diaphysis, thus allowing the screw to pass through the centre of the neck of the femur and of the head and making the placement of the support simpler and more reliable. Thanks to this system, the risk of wrong placement of the screw and of cut-out is reduced.

Anteversa plate also uses the patented mechanism of conical locking between the screw head and the plate, ensuring an optimal fixation of the femoral diaphysis and an equal distribution of strengths, thus eliminating the risk of rupture of the implant and mobilization of the screws.

The anti-rotation of the head-neck fragment of the femur is guaranteed by the presence of a nail with angular stability, essential for reducing the risks of delayed consolidation and varus angulation in unstable fractures.

Easy to install, Anteversa also presents anatomical features that reduce vascular complications, allowing the patient a rapid postoperative recovery.


  • The easy positioning of the plate reduces the risk of errors
  • The cephalic screw passes through the centre of the femoral head
  • Reduced risk of cut-out and cut-off
  • O’Nil screws with angular stability
  • Easy instruments and reduced surgical times
  • Plates made of Steel AISI 316LVM-ISO 5832-1 to allow MRI
PlateRefL. mmHoles
Anteversa (L) 180.4001 60 2
Anteversa (R) 180.4002 60 2
Anteversa (L) 180.4003 96 3
Anteversa (R)) 180.4004 96 3
Screwø mmL. mm
Cephalic screws 7 70 to 115
NailL. mm
Antirotation nail 60 to 100
ScrewøL. mm
Autolocking screw 5.0mm 12 to 110 mm
Instruments set SET90


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