Femore Distale


O’nil plates provide excellent solutions for complex intra and extra-articular fractures of the distal femur. Pre-shaped and low profile, these plates minimise soft tissues problems and eliminate the need for modelling of the plate.

The patented conical locking system avoids the loss of primary and secondary reduction, ensuring stable fixation even in osteoporotic bone. This unique locking mechanism also avoids pressure on the bone, preserving vascularity and accelerating the return of the patient’s previous mobility and function.

The six screw positions in the femoral condyles provide improved fixation of many distal fractures


  • Extra-articular fractures of the distal femur
  • Complex intra-articular fractures of the distal femur
  • Periprosthetic fractures
  • FFractures of the distal diaphysis


  • The patented screw-plate locking system allows easy locking of the screws, eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw and plate, and ensures a simple operative technique.
  • Bicortical fixation
  • Available in 3 lengths and right and left versions
  • Plates made of steel AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1, to allow MRI, screws and bushings made of titanium Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3
  • Simple and intuitive Instruments for reduced surgery times
SupportRefL. mmHoles
Femur periarticular (L) medium 152.3001 179 7+5
Femur periarticular (R) medium 152.3002 179 7+5
Femur periarticular (L) long 152.3003 254 7+8
Femur periarticular (R) long 152.3004 254 7+8
Femur periarticular (L) extra-long 152.3005 327 7+11
Femur periarticular (R) extra-long 152.3006 327 7+11
Femur periarticular (L) short 152.3007 139 7+4
Femur periarticular (R) short 152.3008 139 7+4
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 5,0mm 12mm to 110mm
Instrument tray 5.0 Series SET50

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