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The complex anatomical features of the distal humerus and of the elbow articulation require advanced fracture plates, morphologically suitable for a successfully osteosynthesis in this region. Intrauma has developed a wide range of internal fixators for the distal humerus, including various shapes and anatomically pre-shaped and supporting the lateral and medial humeral epiphyses.

Suitable for poly-fragment fractures, O’Nil plates are also indicated for the treatment of elderly patients with poor bone quality: the lack of pressure on the bone and the limited invasiveness help to preserve the vascularisation of the periosteum. The unique locking mechanism also ensures fracture stability whilst avoiding pressure on the bone, preserving vascularity and accelerating the return of the patient’s previous mobility and function.


  • Intra-articular fractures of the distal humerus
  • Supra-condylar fractures of the distal humerus
  • Pseudoarthrosis


  • Low profile anatomical plates
  • Bicortical fixation
  • The patented screw-plate locking system eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw and plate and ensures a simple operative technique
  • Less risk of primary and secondary loss of reduction, even with high dynamic load
  • Diamagnetic steel plates allow magnetic resonance imaging; screws and bushes are made of titanium
  • Simple and intuitive Instruments for reduced surgery times
SupportRefL. mmHoles
Distal humerus medial plate short 133.1005 103 3+4
Distal humerus medial plate medium 133.1006 148 3+7
Distal humerus lateral plate (L) short 133.1007 98 5+4
Distal humerus lateral plate (R) short 133.1008 98 5+4
Distal humerus lateral plate (L) long 133.1009 143 5+7
Distal humerus lateral plate (R) long 133.1010 143 5+7
Distal humerus Y plate (L) 133.1001 101 9+4
Distal humerus Y plate (R) 133.1002 101 9+4
Distal humerus fork plate short 133.2001 109 4+4
Distal humerus fork plate medium 133.2002 169 4+7
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 2.5mm 8mm to 50mm
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 3.5mm 10mm to 70mm
Instrument tray Mini and 3,5 Series SET20/30

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