Intrauma straight locking plates for the treatment of diaphyseal fractures of radius and ulna have an anatomic design and innovative characteristics.

The patented screw-plate locking system eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw and plate and ensures a simple operative technique.

O’nil plates transfer the forces acting on the fracture in a flexible way, to work like an external fixator.

Compression is sometimes required to reduce certain types of radius-ulna fractures: through some combined slots and with the aid of hemispherical head to assemble to O’nil screws, it is possible to easily carry out auto compression.


  • Easy replace of screw, is necessary
  • Available in three lengths
  • The locking system includes a bicortical fixation
  • Rounded ends to reduce soft tissue irritation
  • Simple and intuitive Instruments for reduced surgery times
  • Diamagnetic steel (AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1) plates allow magnetic resonance imaging; screws and bushes are made of titanium (Ti6AI4V – ISO 5832-3)
SupportRef.L. mmHoles
Straight support ACP short 131.1101 79 6
Straight support ACP medium 131.1102 111 8
Straight support ACP long 131.1103 145 8
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws ø 3.5mm from 10mm to 70mm
Cortical screws ø 3.5mm from 12mm to 70mm
Instrument tray 3.5 Series SET30

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