Tibia Distale


The medial distal tibia is part of the O’Nil system, characterized by conical coupling between the head of the screw and the bushing, which is pre-assembled on the plate. Plates realized in diamagnetic steel (AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1) to allow magnetic resonance imaging. Anatomically designed to follow the shape of distal tibia and facilitate their placement, reducing the need for additional models. The seven distal screws allow optimal surgical reduction while having a minimum projection due to the low anatomical profile.


  • Patented screw-plate locking system allows a simple operative technique and eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw head and the plate
  • Possibility of compression by using the combined slots
  • The angular stability prevents the mobilization of screws; the O’Nil internal fixator also preserves the bone vascularity and allows an early functionality
  • The patented locking system allows a bicortical fixation
  • Reduced surgical times
SupportRef.L. mmHoles
Distal tibia short (L) 134.1101 130 7+5
Distal tibia short (R) 134.1102 130 7+5
Distal tibia medium (L) 134.1103 190 7+8
Distal tibia medium (R) 134.1104 190 7+8
Distal tibia long (L) 134.1105 250 7+11
Distal tibia long (R) 134.1106 250 7+11
ScrewsøL. mm
Autolocking screws 3.5 mm from 10 to 70mm
Instrument tray 3.5 Series SET30

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