Wristar and Window plates for volar distal radius are studied for the treatment of intra-and extra-articular fractures and osteotomies. The various holes that allow the use of screws blocked by conical locking system, offer many opportunities for the synthesis of both the radial and the intermediate column.

Thanks to the patented conical locking system, the internal fixator Wristar equally distributes the forces on the entire structure by reducing the risk of implant rupture and mobilization of the screws.

Wristar has got seven distal screws with angulation and position specific for an optimal fixation of fragments, two of which are designed to grant maximum stability of styloid.

The low profile and rounded ends greatly reduce the risk of irritation of soft tissues.


  • The patented screw-plate locking system allows an easy technique and eliminates the possibility of cross-threading between the screw head and the plate
  • 6 or 7 distal screws with specific angulation
  • The conical locking system includes a bicortical fixation
  • Simple and intuitive instruments
  • The contact and pressure of the plate on the bone are not necessary; the vascularity of the periosteum is so preserved
PlatesRef.L. mmHoles
Wristar volar plates (L) small 120.9003 50 7+3
Wristar volar plates (R) small 120.9004 50 7+3
Wristar volar plates (L) medium 120.9005 50 7+3
Wristar volar plates (R) medium) 120.9006 50 7+3
Wristar volar plates (L) small-long 120.9007 86 7+6
Wristar volar plates (R) small-long 120.9008 86 7+6
Window volar plates (L) small 120.9201 49 6+3
Window volar plates (R) small 120.9202 49 6+3
Window volar plates (L) medium 120.9203 53 7+3
Window volar plates (R) medium 120.9204 53 7+3
Multifori volar plates (L) 120.9001 46 7+3
Multifori volar plates (R) 120.9001 46 7+3
ScrewsØ mmL. mm
Autolocking screws 2,5 from 8 to 50
Cortical screws 2,7 from 6 to 40
Complete instrument set SET20

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